Tooling to keep your machines working for you

Our exclusive collection of Tooling and Consumables has been precision designed and manufactured to equip you and your machines with the power you need to get through the toughest flooring and surface prep jobs.

Because all equipment is completely dependent on its consumables like diamond tooling and scraper blades, it is then critical to choose the proper tooling for your surface preparation equipment and the specifics of the job your are doing. With this in mind, we at Bartell are proud to offer a full line of precision designed, high quality tooling for flooring removal, surface preparation, as well as concrete polishing, along with guidance on selecting the correct tooling for your projects.


Grizzly Trowel Blades

These blades are thicker than the standard blade, providing a longer-lasting, more durable trowel blade. With less downtime and less material used, you will save on money and time. Each box comes with its own metric hardware so you will never have to scramble for fasteners on site.


Floor Scraper Tooling

Because of the ability of the Terminator ride-on floor scraper to remove all flooring it is necessary to have a wide variety of blades and tooling bits. The tooling that you would use to remove carpet is very different than the tooling you would use to remove ceramic tile. With this in mind, we provide a wide variety of heavy-duty, high quality tooling and directions on what tooling is best for the flooring being removed, from “tooth” style attachments for stubborn tile, to wide flat blades to fly through acres of VCT.


Diamond Blades

Choosing the correct diamond blade is just as important as choosing the correct saw. When you choose the correct blade for your project, it will cut fast and provide a long life. Because diamond blades cut such a wide variety of materials — concrete, asphalt, blocks and bricks — selecting the correct blade can be a challenge, but critically important! That is why we provide a wide variety of blades and guidance on what blade is best for what surface being cut.


Core Bits

Diamond core bits like all diamond concrete blades must be chosen carefully to match the material you are cutting. That is why we have a full line of high-quality core bits to cut anything from asphalt to pavers or concrete floors themselves.


Grinding and Polishing

There are a wide variety of concrete finishes required in construction, and diamond segments are used to achieve them—anything from the very rough surface produced with very aggressive diamonds, all the way up to a highly polished mirror-like surface achieved by our Resin Bond diamonds — and everything in between!


Grinding Wheels and Blocks

Grinding wheels are important tools for profiling and polishing concrete, allowing you to get into tighter areas, corners, and edges while addressing imperfections in the concrete. Grinding wheels are also used on asphalt, bricks, as well as concrete blocks. Since it is important to choose the correct wheel for your project, we provide not only a wide variety of grinding wheels but also direction on what wheel fits your project best.

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