For years, Innovatech has been world renowned for its high quality concrete floor grinder models and other superior designed maintenance machines. From our headquarters in Everett, Washington, we manufacturer floor grinderstile removalconcrete polishing tools and other vital pieces of machinery for the professional cleaning, construction and maintenance industries.

At Innovatech, we are pleased to offer our customers the newest model of our Terminator, T-2200PRO ride on floor scraper, for contractors looking to increase efficiency on any flooring demolition projects. Our world renowned Terminator line stands up to the most rigorous of jobs and cuts them down to size in no time at all. For serious power for carpet removal, VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile), VAT (Vinyl Asbestos Tile), to ceramic tile,  we recommend the T-2200PRO.

We design and manufacture all the machines in our product line to ensure the highest level of performance possible. Our customers can count on us to deliver only the very best in flooring removal machines with our Terminator product line, to our Predator line of concrete floor grinder, concrete floor polishing.