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MP 6000

The MP 6000 is a ride on multi-purpose preparation unit specifically designed to perform the most demanding surface preparation tasks with cost effectiveness, durability and ease of use.

  • Very powerful, highly versatile Sit and Ride unit
  • Highly adaptable with blasting, grinding and planer / scarifier head options.
  • Maximum productivity in surface preparation tasks


  • Multifunctional operation
  • Laser guided
  • Three phase power take off to additional equipment
  • Electronic winch to aid loading on to transport
  • Single speed/steer control lever
  • Reverse camera available as optional extra
  • Reduced vibration suspension operators seat
MP 6000 AttachmentsMP 6000 Attachments

MP 6000 Attachments

Increasing productivity has always been an objective in the development of the MP 6000…

  • High productivity, ruggedly designed units for the MP 6000
  • Shot blasting, planer / scarifier and grinding heads
  • Prepare concrete, asphalt and steel surfaces with ease