DFG 250 Floor Grinder

A successful diamond grinder must give the operator complete control and at the same time have enough weight to act directly onto the grinding heads to facilitate accurate and rapid grinding.

  • 250mm (9.8″) working width single head design
  • Powerful 3Ø, gasolene/petrol and diesel options
  • Water can be applied to head for wet grinding


  • Simple foot pedal to raise or lower machine during use.
  • Anti vibration handle bar mounts
  • 50mm dust extraction port
  • Dust free when used with SPE316 vacuum
  • Adjustable rear axle allows for two weighted settings
  • Screw type hand wheel allows machine to be set accurately to the surface


The DFG 250 is available in 3 phase electric or petrol engine powered versions and is ideally suited for the grinding of most types of concrete floors. The machine has a dust extraction port for dust free operation when used in conjunction with SPE vacuums. The rear wheels are mounted on a pivoting axle which allows the weight and balance of the machine to be altered according to the job specification and requirements. To aid operator comfort the handle bars are mounted on rubber vibration damped clamps. The machine also has a facility for the application of water at the head when wet grinding is required.

Typical Applications

  • Removal of dry crystallised (ATA) and wet adhesives
  • Slurry grinding on water miscible products
  • Provides superb preparation profile for thin film coating (eliminates shadowing)
  • Accurate grinding of large concrete areas
  • Re-profiling of old concrete floors
  • Removal of old coatings and contaminates
  • Grinding and finishing of resin based terrazzo