DFG 700 Floor Grinder

THE DFG 700 Triple Head Planetary Floor Grinder has been developed to meet the increasing demand for this principle and grinding materials to a finished product.

  • 700mm (27.6″) working width triple head planetary grinder with single or twin speed design
  • Very high production rates on large areas
  • Pivotal weights and quick release drive plate system


  • Heavy duty gearbox drive
  • Grinding heads supported by multi directional flexible coupling
  • Variable grinding speed
  • Robust construction
  • Anti vibration handle bar mount
  • Quick release drive plate system
  • Pivotal weights
  • Can be used with conventional DFG Diamond Plates


The DFG700 has all the benefits of the popular single and twin head DFG machine but also allows the operator to grind large areas to a fine finish eliminating swirl marks that can be left by conventional grinding methods. The Main drive plate is driven through a heavy gearbox and each grinding tool is then turned independently at an increased RPM. The DFG700 has a variable speed control devise to suit various applications. Environmental considerations are fully controlled with an adjustable dust extraction skirt for dry use and a facility for using water when wet grinding. A major advantage of the DFG700 is the option of a 3-phase electric motor or gasoline/diesel powered engines. This gives a unique versatility for outdoor use or when electrical power may not be available.

Typical Applications

  • Accurate grinding of large concrete areas
  • Re profiling of old concrete floors
  • Removal of old coating and contaminates
  • Grinding and finishing of resin based and tiled terrazzo
  • Provides ideal preparation for thin film coating
  • Concrete polishing