Power through tile like butter with the IDP1000JR

  • Polypropylene Water Tray
  • Water Pump
  • Adjustable Cutting Height

Polypropylene Water Tray

Bartell uses an improved polypropylene water tray on most of its tile saws. It offers better durability and support than ABS trays and is lighter than stainless steel trays. Trays are backed by a 2 year warranty.

Water Pump

A high-output water pump provides sufficient cooling water flow for maximum protection of the the diamond blade.

Adjustable Cutting Height

Cutting depth can be easily adjusted to accommodate 6″ to 10″ (15-25 cm) blades and to provide plunge cutting functionality.

Rubber Matted Cutting Table

The new cast aluminum cutting tables are covered by a rubber mat that is injected directly onto the table and chemically bond for enhanced durability.

Water Tray Bracket

The water tray is secured in place by an easily accessible bracket.

Table Retention Device

The cutting table is equipped with a spring lock to secure the cutting table when transporting the saw in between job sites.

Thermal Overload Protection

Automatic thermal overload protection prevents the motor from overheating and protects the saw from power surges.

Blade Guard with Brushes

The blade guard contains brushes that not only minimize spray, but they also uniformly distribute  the water over the blade for more effective cooling.


The patented LCBH (Liguid Cooled Bearing Housing) works in conjuction with the water pump to cool down the bearing housing during saw operation. This feature increases the service life of the bearing housingeven under heavy loads.

*Includes folding wheeled stand (not shown) and tile blade

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