SPE HCA Pedestrian System

The SPE HCA Pedestrian System is a unique diesel driven Self contained design which enables it to be operated without the need for a separate air compressor.

  • Self contained diesel powered unit
  • High performance unit with 2 widths available
  • Dry’s road markings, damp areas and treats oil impregnated concrete


  • Unique process no compressor required
  • Diesel driven
  • Portable
  • Pedestrian system
  • Fail safe system
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It is a high performance, heavy duty pedestrian operated machine for the treatment of oil impregnated concrete floors, general drying for road markings and wet/damp surfaces prior to various applications. It can also be used to clean and heat road joints and for softening prior to re-texturing.

Typical Applications

  • Treatment of oil impregnated floors
  • General drying of wet/damp surfaces prior to various applications
  • General drying of road markings
  • Clean and heat road/bridge joints
  • Surface softening prior to re-texturing