Precision and speed at it’s finest.

Bartell ride-on power trowels have been engineered to meet the demands of the professional contractor for a lightweight, high production machine with easy maintenance characteristics. To meet the needs of professional contractors, Bartell presents an 88″ ride-on trowel. In the overlapping mode, high speed finishing blades permit a polished finish. With clip-on float blades, float procedures produce superior concrete. The TS88 features ‘U’ joint drive couplings, twin-stick steering control levers, as well as proven, heavy-duty gearboxes. These combined features result in a medium weight, high production float and finish machine with low maintenance characteristics.
Features• High speed for superior finishing.
• Proven Bartell gearboxes for long life and low maintenance.
• Independent twin stick levers deliver immediate, responsive steering.
• Dual mode overlapping blades provide a consistently smooth finish while clip-on float blades can be attached for superior float operations.
• ‘U’ joint couplings furnish reliable drive shaft torque.
• Light kit and seat adjuster are standard.
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