ArmorDefend is a high performance, penetrating nano-lithium treatment for concrete and terrazzo, formulated specifically for surfaces that will be ground and polished.This environmentally friendly treatment also reduces al-kalinity, improves overall abrasion resistance and reduces dusting. Simple application require only one treatment, with no brooming or rising.

Key Benefits

  • Deepens clarity and heightens gloss
  • Penetrates and seals new and existing concrete and terrazzo
  • Improves chemical and water resistance
  • Increases abrasion restsiance
  • Reduces alkalinity / efflorescence
  • Extends the service life of the floor
  • User friendly, non-whitening
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Environmentally friendly, water-based formula – VOC compliant
  • Interior / exterior use


ArmorFinish is a high gloss, stain and wear resistant finish for improving the sheen, hardness and chemical resistance of natural and cast stone, terrazzo, masonry, and other cement-based surfaces. This water-based lithium fortified chemical polish dries quickly to a clear, extremely hard, micro-coating that tenaciously bonds and reacts with the substrate forming an insoluble bond. 

ArmourFinish will not lift or peel from the surface. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous and VOC compliant in all areas of the world.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid shine development with increase abrasion and stain resistance as well as superior gloss retention
  • Keeps dirt and contaminants from penetrating, making cleaning faster, ore effective and economical
  • Ready to use in a few hours
  • Forms a protective micro surface layer that is breathable, dense, abrasion, resistant and will not peel or flake
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Prolongs shine of polished concrete
  • Safe for food contact

*Before purchase, make sure that these products meet legal requirements of the market they will be used in.